Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ikea Long Narrow High Gloss Desk- Great for small spaces!

I love this desk! It is not as deep as regular desks, but it is wide so I can put it against the wall and still have lots of space. I am still considering what to do with my home office. Although I love the closet home office idea, I think that it will not work if I don't change the entrance of the closet for a bigger bare wall for a large wardrobe. A large wardrobe seems to be a must to replace the lost of the walk-in closet :( . Such change will cost a lot. So... since this desk is long but narrow, I think I may be able to put it in front of the big window of my bedroom. I would imagine it will look like Pic. 2. For $249 and that modern high gloss look, it is just so nice too! However, the problem is I need to figure out if I can clearly divide the 'home office' and bedroom space (I'm thinking of putting a curtain behind the desk to separate the 'home office ' and the bedroom. I want to claim home office deduction but I'm not sure if this works. I work solely from home and I just think that I deserve to claim the home office deduction.

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